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Customer comments

'We had anticipated the worst, having to organise and plan a major event in another country, but we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials, the timeliness of the set-up and the positive attitude of all involved'

Working with Sourcing Bali over the past few months has been a pleasure and made international conferencing much easier than we had anticipated.  The inviations, the gifts, the clothing, and the spectacular theming for our launch all combined to make this year's conference a huge success.

We just wanted to send our sincere thanks for all the help we received from Wayan.
He was an excellent guide and made a huge difference to our trip.  We have
already recommended your services to a few people.

Thanks again for your continued support and for doing your upmost to help me. I just want you both to know that I am 100% satisfied with the entire experience and would be happy to share that if you ever require a NY reference.  (Dec '02)

We told our friends how wonderful your service was and how it made our Bali experience so much fun.

David and I have nothing but praise for your wonderful organisation, especially Wayan's service, as he regularly kept in contact with us once we returned home, giving us emailed progress reports on our goods etc. Also, I am not sure if you remember, but one of the companies we did bussiness with, provided unsatisfactory goods.... and Sourcing Bali informed us, then negotiated a full refund on our behalf... saving us money (and disappointment). 

Just to let you know all of our items that came from Bali arrived in one piece. We are so pleased with all of the items they are better than we expected. The stone wall carving was placed in our pool house today and it looks fantastic.

Please can you send our thanks to the people who made them for us.

Many Thanks
Tracey and Paul McNamara

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your company. You did an outstanding job for us and we have given your details to friends of ours who are heading your way soon. I am hoping to come back to Bali in the next year and I will contact you to do the same process again.

We received our goods in excellent condition - in fact, my husband and I were impressed by the amount of packaging there was surrounding the goods (within the timber crates) to keep the goods safe.  Nothing was damaged and we most impressed that the large paintings we purchased were delivered on their frames (we had expected they would be taken off the frames and rolled), so it was a delight to be able to put them straight onto the wall at home.

We will certainly use your service again.

So far everything is meeting and or exceeding my expectations.  There are a couple of items that I am just blown away by:  the Javanese wedding couple, the glass bowl with colored glass in it, the wall hangings (that I received) are the best ever.  The crazy ducks were in perfect condition...great job!  I could go on, but I think you get the idea that everything, including packing seems to be wonderful.

Thank-you for doing such a great job.  I will keep you updated as to how sales go.  I absolutely love everything, anyone that comes in the store will be blown away by what we have.

All the best!

We would like to thank you both very much for your excellent assistance and introductions to high quality Balinese artisans and furniture makers. Our trip to Bali would not have been nearly as successful had we not met, and your assistance with the various landscaping items and sculpture in recent months was invaluable.

Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future and we will have the opportunity to work together again. (March '03)

On behalf of the group I thank you and your team for the assistance given to
us on our recent shopping spree. We greatly appreciated your advice and
local knowledge which we know contributed to the excellent bargains we were
able to take advantage of. Please convey our thanks to your team.
The first container has been unloaded and the 2nd container has just
been delivered down to the resort today.  Everything has been packed
very, very thoroughly so all is well.

So far all of the goods are looking great! Thankyou all so much for your
time and effort.  I am extremely happy with the service that you have
all provided as I have found you all very professional and helpful. I
will recommend you to others plus I will definitely use you guys again!

The container arrived with everything in great condition. We were so happy with the packaging – it was great.

I just wanted to send you a separate email thanking you for VERYTHING! You were very resourceful and extremely patient in dealing with all of our questions and Chris' and my differences as we tried to reach agreement on furniture selection. 

Thank you for all the insight on what your company can do.  It was very helpful!  I look forward to continuing our relationship over the years :-)

We had a wonderful time in Bali and already look forward to our next visit!!!

In this busy life that everyone has, it is such a Pleasure dealing with such a Professional Group !

We have recieve the container in switzerland saturday and now it is empty.  Everthing is OK and good quality.
The Customs control officer who inspected the container said it was of a very high standard and one of the best packed container he has seen in long time.

Let me start by saying what a wonderful job Sourcing Bali and Rim Cargo did. We had only a few minor damaged items (all repairable) and not one piece of broken glass! It was simply amazing. The freight and warehouse company we used after clearing customs said that in 18 years they had never seen a better job of packing!

On another note please thank all your team including Rim cargo for an excellent job of documentation and packing of the two recent containers, it far surpasses any other shipment I have had to unpack.

Well done!

Everything arrived safely and has been so well packed - After being so impressed with sourcing bali and your amazing efforts I now learn that RIM Cargo is up to the same standard.  I look forward to getting a proper order in in due course.  Not a single thing was damaged and everything looks great.
I must say it's been great working with you and your crew
this past year. Your level of professionalism and timely communications is
unmatched. Wishing you and your crew all the best for 2007. May we continue
to grow our business's in tandem. (Bruce Platt)

I am sending this e-mail to all of you in Bali because you all had a part in
making our trip the best yet, we achieved everything we came for with a
shopping list far beyond our expectations. Robert and Sintiya, you were
prepared for our visit and showed us exactly what we were looking for with
the sort of service we can only dream of  here in Australia., thank you. We
enjoyed your company for dinners and drinks and hope we can be your host in
Australia.....soon!!! Desmond, you have a wonderful team, it's a pleasure
doing business with you.
Jens Arnold

‘Peter & I really appreciated the experience with you Robert. You were very professional and totally agree, efficient & fun shopping trip!!  We would recommend Sourcing Bali to anyone who is willing to put in a bit of effort to achieve something special..’

Leah & Peter

Dear Sourcing Bali,


It was with some trepidation that I travelled to Bali to source goods for my new house under construction in Australia.


Desmond of Sourcing Bali was my first point of contact via email.  His professional, prompt responses & obvious knowledge were reassuring. 


Wayan assisted me on my buying trips.  He listened well, was respectful of my requests & was extremely patient whilst I laboured over my decisions.  (Fortunately, he is a man of discerning good taste as this was often called upon to assist with my sometimes overwhelming decisions!)


Magnificent marble floor tiles, a houseful of specifically designed furniture, terrazzo pots, handcarved stone plaques, elegant homewares, tapware, lightfittings, original artwork & more were all sourced through the ever obliging Wayan of Sourcing Bali.


Nengah of Rim Cargo oversaw the packing & subsequent safe arrival of my container.  The packing of goods was of the highest standard. 


Our sincere thanks to Desmond & his crew for a highly valuable & worthwhile experience.  Our new home is a site to behold that not only draws gasps from visitors but holds within it memorable moments of my Sourcing Bali experience that will remain with me for countless years to come.


We wish to compliment you on the fantastic team you have at Sourcing Bali.  You were all very approachable, pleasant & amazingly alert to every detail.  I recommend you highly!


Thank-you & Kind Regards,

Brenda Day

Our furniture has now arrived in Australia.We would like to thank you for the excellent attention given to the packaging of our furniture, it has arrived in perfect condition.

Our dealings with Rim Gargo and Sourcing Bali has been a pleasurable experience,which we will recommend to others.

Thanking You
Robyn Lloyd

Your team is just AWESOME and when we pride ourselves in the standard of service we provide at Rumours, it is such a pleasure to work with others who also treat their respective roles in a service industry with the same respect

Dear Nengah,

May we, through you, pass on to the whole team at RIM Cargo our heartfelt thanks for the excellent way in which our first consignment was packed.  Even though in the 177 boxes there were many items of a breakable nature, not a single breakage occurred.  This was despite Australian officials unpacking the entire container in Melbourne, before the goods came on to us at Clunes, 150 kilometers from point of unpacking, on two regular trucks.

Terima kasih banyak!
Jon and Doug

We just unpacked our last container yesterday and I must say the packing and product mix was fantastic, we now have a good selection of new products. Business has been extremely good for us and the Bali products are selling very well. I'm pleased I ordered as much as I did in October as we are certainly in need of stock. I am thinking of coming over in July this year so we can organize shipments to arrive for spring trading. I will keep you posted on this.

Once again thank you and everyone at Rim for a job well done, as usual !!

We have finally unpacked the container in France after several delays (snow !) All the furniture is excellent quality. It was superbly packed and exceeded expectations.

There were no faults or breakages apart from one item – the hammock – the wooden frame was broken but I am hoping to get it repaired.

I will try and send photos when all items are in place.

Best regards and thank you

Our container finally arrived and was picked out for a Customs check.  All  was cleared with no problems at all.  Worldlink were fantastic and the  girls there - Karen and Melissa were lovely and very helpful.

We unpacked some of the smaller items whilst a lot of the larger items we  delivered to a storage unit until our new house is ready.

The packing on all the items was outstanding and even the Manager at Worldlink told us it was some of the best packing he had ever seen, so Nengah and your team, thank you so so much.

The smaller items we unpacked were all in top condition.  I couldn't  believe the mirrors were all still intact.

Wayan - thank you so much for all the work you did for me, chasing up items and emailing me on a very regular basis with questions and updates. I was very nervous about the whole thing but I needn't have been as it was all very 'smooth sailing' in the end.  I actually can't believe how easy it was and thanks to Bali Sourcing and Rim Cargo for their endless advice, help and guidance along the way.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help.  My new house is going to be beautiful.  The girls at Worldlink couldn't believe how nice my items were and said that I had chosen some of the nicest pieces they have ever seen arrive from Indonesia.  Wayan, I have you to thank for that!

I have been asked by many of my friends to give them some help in doing the same and I'm sure I will be doing business with Bali Sourcing and Rim Cargo again.
Until I see you again, my fondest regards to you all.